Intelectual Outputs

1- Outlook report, elaborated from the collection of the information from each of the contexts from the partners, containing the information about the state of the art, the methodologies and good practices in what concerns the evaluation in the area of humanitarian action

2- Syllabus (curricular unit), developed through the Outlook report and with the inputs from all, seeking to address the needs identified in evolution in humanitarian action teaching. The curricular unit will have two modules, one to be taught face-to-face, with the possibility of being adapted to local contexts and other, at distance learning, to be disseminated in a global scale

3- Drawing the e-learning tools, developed to create a repository of distance learning tools, accessible to all interested stakeholders

4- Handbook, development of a handbook that will contain the evaluation methodologies in humanitarian action and that will serve as a guide on how to plan and conduct a participatory evaluation in humanitarian action. The Handbook will unite all the learning gained throughout the project, as well as the good practices, tools and methodologies created