Iscte delivers the course “Participatory Evaluation in Humanitarian Action” to the first students

In the first semester of the 2022/2023 academic year, the new course on Participatory Evaluation in Humanitarian Action was introduced at ISCTE. A total of 28 students registered for the course which consists of 10 face-to face classes that focus on different aspects and challenges in Participatory Evaluation.

The course is being taught (bi-lingual) making use of interactive and participatory methods including use of video material, group exercises and guest speakers. The overall objective of the course is to connect theoretical and methodological developments in Participatory Evaluation in Humanitarian Action and increase skills and knowledge in this particular field for application in professional settings.

By the end of the course the students indicated to have increased understanding of the principles of evaluation process and had been exposed to a variety of tools and methods that they practiced in the university setting. As the course is part of the INOVHUMRE project, 6 students were selected to join an intensive work programme in Hacettepe University to reflect on the course taught in ISCTE and engage with students and professors from Spain, Turkey, Brasil and Colombia. The ISCTE course students presented their feedback and experience on the ISCTE-taight course and designed and led the final session of the workshop using the appreciative inquiry method to evaluate the intensive work programme.