Upcoming events

Day: 20/10/2023 | Location: Tunceli, Turquia

Dissemination event organized by Turkish partners: Hacettepe University and Sosyal Hizmet

The event aims at promoting and disseminate the project, discuss basic concepts and differences between Participatory Evaluation and other evaluation methods and present the initial report made by the partners (outlook report). The event is aimed at academics and professionals in the field of social sciences (social workers, psychologists, etc.)

Day: 26/10/2023 | Location: Iscte-IUL, Lisboa

Dissemination event organized by the Portuguese ONDG: Instituto Marquês de Valle Flôr (IMVF)

This event aims to present the results of the project to the academic community and organizations working in the humanitarian and development areas. IMVF is one of 8 partners, from 5 different countries (Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Colombia and Brazil), who worked over 3 years to develop a course and manual for participatory evaluation in interventions in humanitarian action, training videos, a podcast and other tools. All these instruments, which will be disclosed during the event, aim to support innovation, good practices and participation in the humanitarian area.

Dates: 13/11/2023 – 17/11/2023 | Location: Iscte-IUL, Lisboa

Intensive Study Programme

The Intensive Study Program aims to work with students and professionals from the partner countries, the skills necessary for teaching and implementing participatory evaluation in humanitarian action, as well as working on content on social emergencies, crisis management and co-design strategies. Debates, round tables, workshops will be held and space will be promoted for debate and dialogue between those involved.

 The event will also feature the participation of renowned keynote speakers in the social sector: Sang Mok Suk, President of the International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW); Annamaría Campanini, President of the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) and Joachim Cuthbert Mumba, President of the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW)